Unity import mesh problem

Changing weapons in-game is one of my least problem now. I tried to follow this tutorial http://www.farfarer.com/blog/2011/07/07/unity-skeletal-ragdoll-jiggle-bones-tutorial/ im supposed to export my character twice, once with animation but without my jigglebones and once without animation and with my jigglebones In FBX Format. but when i try to import my FBX file from “maya 2012” to “unity full free version 3.5.0f5” my character gets deformed like the picture above. you might not se it but thats my character atleast whats left of him to se. i’ve tried changeing the FBX version but i still get this annoying problem. I’ve rigged and animated my character and i would like to point out that when importing my character with his weapon, the weapons fine nothing like this happens to the weapon. only my character gets deformed horribly. But when i importmy character and his weapon with mb format i dont get this problem. but then i have no idea how to get jiggle bone for my cloth and hair. if you have any solution to my jigglebone problem or fbx problem please, please help. if you have a script or something could you tell me how to use it cause im a real noob when it comes to unity. ty

Hey, this is old but Google led me here 'cause I was searching for the same problem; answering so others that are led here can fix it!
For every joint that unity names in the error log, select it in Maya and go to Attribute Editor (CTRL+A for win) and under “Joint” section, turn “Segment Scale Compensate” off.
If they are too many select them all and use this MEL script:

global proc disableScaleCompenstation()
    string $objz[] = `ls -sl`;
    for ($thisobj in $objz)
    	setAttr ($thisobj+".segmentScaleCompensate") 0;

Hope this helps someone!

What king of import warnings do you get in the console? Maybe you do not include Skin or Bake animation when exporting manually to fbx?