Unity importing Instances wrong via FBX.

I am exporting from Maya 2012 with the FBX exporter checking ‘preserve instances’. Unity manages to import the instances and retain them as actual instances. But half my instances are placed incorrectly. I’m really confused. Some of my instances import in the proper location, others import half way across the world. Anyone run into this? Found any solutions?

I also imported my FBX into 3DSMax 2012, which it imported my instances just fine in the correct positions into Max. Then I exported from Max with preserve instances on, and Unity imported the file with the same exact issue. So an FBX exported from Maya or Max is producing this same error, so it can’t be just a Maya thing… I’m wondering is there something to check in some property of my instances to get them to retain proper positions, or anything?

I had the same problem. I solved it by selecting all the object in the scene and selecting Reset Pivot under the Hierarchy tab in 3ds Max. I didn’t want to use Reset XForm because then I would lose my instances.

Of course this may completely screw up your pivots, but at least all the objects are placed correctly in Unity. It’s not perfect, but was good enough for my current project.

Hey, I have the same problem, it looks like there’s some bug with Pivot alignment, but I’m not sure how to fix it…


I managed to fix this problem with this awesome 3dsMax script Pen resetXform

What I did is unchecked all the options except for the Affect Position : Object Center.

alt text

Hope it helps.

i have the same problem. i tried this script but still same problem :frowning:
is there any other method ?

Omer Javed

Agree with ZyntharNOR.
Just RESET PIVOT all objects. But i try this method with GROUPED Objects and and it didn’t work. But solution is simple just open the group and then select all object and RESET PIVOT them and CLOSE the group and then RESET Pivot Group also. Problem Solved.