Unity importing model error animation(fbx)

I am making a model in Blender and I finally finish having the model and the bones or armature so I exported with FBX and I put Scene Objects. Then I quit all the options of camera empty and lamp and I only put armature and mesh. Then I put enable animation and put all actions. So I finally exported and imported into unity and I don,t know why I think is put it for default but is imported with an empty object and because of that it has the animation in the empty so I tested and the model is only moving whole body and not the parts of the body like it suppose to be. And I also try putting the animation on the armature and it does anything.

So please, could someone say me what rong with this. I will really appreciate it.

I reccomend you trying with selected objects (you need to be sure that you select only what you want to be imported), that might work.

Good Luck...:)

Try Blender 2.59. The 2.6 series FBX exporter is pretty bad. I had all sorts of shenanigans with it that going back to 2.59 fixed.