Unity In App Purchase Unity 5.3

Hello Unity-Team and Unity-Users,

recently I started to make use of the new Unity In app Purchasing module, and so far it works (at least on Android, haven’t tested it on iOS so far). Besides that, I have a question working with refunding and storing of the receipt.

I realized, that the receipt if I bought a non-consumable item must be stored somewhere (additionally ?) on your phone, since it is possible to use a non-consumable without internet connection (flight mode). This is pretty good but it leads to a problem I’m not able to track right now:

I refunded the money I’ve spent on Google (since I accidentally did not use the test-mode) but I’m still able to use the feature I’ve payed for. How can I check if the asset has been purchased and has not been refunded thus is still valid?

Best regards


Alright, seems, like Google is doing it by itself after a certain amount. of time.