Unity in linux plans after the announcement of SteamOS?


I know you guys haven’t had plans in the past to support Unity on linux, has the announcement of SteamOS changed that at all?

(My Windows drive just died on me, trying to figure out if I need to set up another Windows install basically just to use Unity).


I got the answer from Unity Team:

“Linux community is important to us and there may be plans in the future for you guys, but for now, it isn’t in our pipeline.”

You can either use Windows version (or Mac version) or change your game engine. Installation on Linux with Wine sucks, alas.

See Tomza’s answer regarding statements on this from Unity Technologies.

The editor can be run on Linux using Wine. See the community set up wiki page - http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Running_Unity_on_Linux_through_Wine