Unity Indie Max Sounds Playable at Once?

I'm using Unity iPhone Indy and cannot seem to play three sounds simultaneously. As soon as I play a third sound my first sound cuts off. Is this a limitation of Unity iPhone Indy? Thanks.


EDIT: I just tested this with one compressed file, and several uncompressed, some in mono, some in stereo. I can verify that this is not a hard limitation. However, if I set several sounds to Play on Awake, not all of them start at once. The ones that take up more memory start later. This is much less of an issue on the 3GS, and you can work around it. However, it is something that may have contributed to your issue.

I am checking this out right now. It certainly isn't an iPhone Basic limitation, but I'm not sure if it's a Unity iPhone in general limitation. My guess is that you're trying to use more than one compressed sound. You can only play one of those at a time. Is that your problem?

Also, you should change the title of this thread. It is not about Unity Indie, nor is there a product called Unity Indie anymore.