Unity(?) inserts unwanted values between keyframes.

I need to make a particle system which during some time emits growing number of particles. I’m animating the max emission parameter of the particle system simply keyframing needed values at a certain time. 60 seconds max emit= 0, 120 seconds max emit = 250, 600 esconds max emit = 250. And when I play animation max emit value is 0 at 60 seconds and 250 at 600 seconds. That’s ok. But in between it grows in a strange manner. It gradually grows to about 600 max emit value at 300 seconds and then gradually decreases to the needed 250 at 600. Basically, what happends and what I need is like that:
alt text

And another question. Do I need the animator component(which is automatically assigned when recording animation)? And what for what purpose? When I made animations last time it was simple: record an animation and assign it to the animation component and that’s it. Now there are the animator as well as the animation components. What’s the difference? And, yes, I’ve read the manual, but what I understood is just that the animatior is a helper for the macanium. So do I need it in basic keyframe animations?

It looks to me like you just need to change the keyframe tangents to linear. Right-click on the keyframe and select Both Tangents > Linear.

An old question, but since nobody else had an answer…maybe I misunderstand the question?