Unity inspector field overlap with eachother

I have a strage bug in the unity inspector where the public fields overlap eachother. I need to metion i am running unity 2021.1.3f and I haven’t done any custom inspector scripting. There are just a bunch of public variables and lists in code that overlap eachother. If you need anymore info please don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks

Well, that looks like some horribly deeply nested lists you have there. It’s hard to tell without seeing the relevant data classes. However I never had any issues when nesting up to the max nesting level. That may also be relevant here. Do you get any warning or error in the console? Keep in mind that Unity has a max nesting level which always was around 7. Note that just having a field of a custom serializable class is already one step. A list of such a class should behave the same.

So if you’re 100% sure that you do not have any propertydrawers in your project, my guess would be that you exceed the nesting level. However if you want us to test this you should provide the code of your data classes. The PlayerInventory class is irrelevant, just the nested classes. Even most fields of those classes are kinda irrelevant unless they reference other classes.