Unity Inspector video tutorial question

Good day. In the following Unity3D tutorial The Inspector - Unity Official Tutorials - YouTube at around 2:25 the gentleman shows how to drag and drop Textures into a empty GameObject.

I am using the AngryBots demo, and have an empty GameObject, and an example C# Script Component added to said object, but it is not possible to drag and drop a Texture as the video displays.

Also, my GUI has an “Add Component” button at the bottom of the Inspector which the video does not. I’m guessing this is just a difference in versions? Or just an obvious goof on my part. I am using the free version and using default settings.

  1. In the script, you should have the variable declared as a Texture2D (for example), not as a GameObject.

  2. You are right, the latest versions of Unity allows to add a component quicker with this button (instead of going threw the menus on top of the main window).