Unity Installation inside docker

Hey community, I’m a student currently trying to work with AWSIM an open source simulator made with unity. I tried working with the Setup Unity project following the instructed details as in Setup Unity Project - AWSIM document and was able to get it running as intended. Though now I’m looking to replicate by running the simulator n the docker environment.

For this I tried following two approaches

  1. Installing unity editor
    I managed to install the unity editor in docker, where I got an error with the license, I’m not sure how I could activate it. I have already submitted the license request to unity as suggested in Unity - Manual: Submit a license request from a command line and browser (macOS, Linux), however it been over a month and I’m yet to receive any response.

  2. Installing Unity hub
    I also tried installing Unityhub though it does not allow me to sign in as the radio button does not work.

Could anyone suggest any other method to get this running.