Unity installs old build

I recently got an older MacBook as development device and have been having some problems when building on Android devices.

Sometimes, when I build the game on my device, the installed app is an older version. Running old code, opening scenes that are not enabled and such.

I first encountered this when implementing ads for a game. The plugin we used had a test scene containing all the functionality for test purposes. I added the scene to the build and deactivated others and it ran just fine. Afterwards I disabled the test scene and enabled the original scenes, but still after a build and install, the app in the device opened up the test scene. This has continued even after finishing the ads and implementing other things in the game.

Now I started to modify my shop scripts in another project. My modifications broke the shop and I started finding out why. Every now and then the version installed to the device was missing debuglines, or had old ones, and I had to do another build and hope it would be the current version. One time the version was the one before I even broke the shop.

Has anyone else encountered anything like this? I tried googling, but did not find anything relevant.

I have tried two devices(Note 3, Nexus 7) and have two projects, both with this problem. I have tried uninstalling, clearing cache and data, cleaning project, reimport and many combinations of them. Also I am using Git for version handling.

Make sure to press the add current button when building to ensure u don’t build an older scene, but the curent one.

A common problem for me - although you might have different situation:

Your possibly building out to a different folder and not realizing it!

If you ever made a copy of your projects folder, and opened it as a new project, and went to build for the same platform - you may find it “remembers” that you once built out to the old directory, and it will default to building out there again.

Try building to a folder you create on your desktop or somewhere specific, so you can navigate directly there, and make sure your not re-launching an old version of your game!