unity ios and gamekit

I want to create a game in unity that uses the iOS GameKit Framework. I know the basics of making games in unity and how to use the GameKit Framework but don’t know how I would combine the two? Is there a way to access iOS libraries from scripts, how would I do this?

Our plugin, iOS SDK by U3DXT has the GameKit framework. Compared to the prime31 plugin, we also have a high level framework that can get you set up quickly. But, we also have a low level framework that let’s you access all of the GameKit APIs (300+ over 60+ classes).

For more information, check out: http://u3dxt.com/docs/gamekit

Oh, we will also be supporting iOS 7.0 features, such as Game Controllers and Multi-peer Networking. It will be available on the day iOS 7.0 is released.

EDIT: We just updated the package to include GameKit iOS 7.0 support. You only need Unity Basic. Check out our documentation for GameKit
We also have a free trial in the iOS SDK Basic package

In order to call functions in Objective-C from the native GameKit Framework from apple, you would have to create plug-ins ( a Pro only feature ) to call them from Unity’s code implementations. In doing so, you’d have to be familiar on how to create a wrapper for the GameKit code to call from imported .DLL’s inside of Unity. It’s a lot of work, and takes quite a bit of knowledge on both Apple’s Obj-C stack and Unity’s inner workings.

I would suggest you go to:


and just purchase the GameKit plug-in from prime31. He makes excellent plug-in products that require minimal coding, and gives awesome support both via e-mail or through the Unity forum boards. Also, please be aware the you will have to purchase his GameCenter Plug-In as well. It’s a bit pricey, but I can guarantee you it’s worth the price if you dont’ know where to get started on making the plug-ins yourself.