unity iOS build overriding issue


I am beginner to Unity development.
Here is the scenario - I have created (OSX 10.10.2) a simple unity (4.6) vuforia(3.0) AR apps [app A (shows sphere after target detection) and B (plays audio after target detection) - both are saved as different projects] to be build and run on iOS.

Both got built successfully and working fine, when deployed individually on iPhone; however while app A resides on iPhone if I try to deploy app B, it overrides app A, creating only app B instance on my iPhone.
Thus for any given time either A or B is deployed on iPhone, can’t have both at any given time (which is unlike to any other xcode iOS apps, when they are deployed on iPhone creates a separate instance, unless it is same project where it updates the older build)

Is there any setting I need to update to avoid this situation?
(I observed for both projects Unity creates Unity-iphone.xcodeproj, after Build, not sure if this override is occurring due to same xcode project name? Though I tried to change xcode project name for one of the build, however it did not help )

File-> Build setting ->PlayerSetting In inspector go to android change the bindel identifier for both the build hope it will work