Unity iOS: Customize Xcode project generation

I need to customize the Unity-generated Xcode project and would like to automate it.
I figure that this can be done using BuildPipeline’s PostProcessBuildPlayer.
But I wonder if there are scripting APIs for customizing the xcodeproject or I’d have to
brute-force it from scratch?

Are there any instructions for this?

Maybe you could write a PostprocessBuildPlayer script in ruby that uses the CocoaPods xcodeproj gem to manipulate it.

Another Ruby option is Xcoder. I found it simpler to get going than xcodeproj. I wouldn’t read too much into that, though, as I don’t even recall what issues I ran into specifically. I’d just add it to the list of options.

If you’re using Python, I’ve had success with mod-pbxproj. I actually ended up going with Python and mod-pbxproj over Ruby and Xcoder—even though I’m more comfortable in Ruby—because I knew everyone on my team had the necessary Python interpreter installed and I wasn’t as sure about Ruby.

In either case, you may also find yourself needing to modify Info.plist. Python has plistlib as part of the Standard Library. For Ruby, you can turn to the plist gem.