Unity IOS IAP subscription downgrade Duplicate transaction

I’m implementing Unity IAP V4.9.3 for subscription feature in my game.

In IOS sandbox account: I can subscribe monthly, annual packs successful, upgrade from monthly to annual pack successful.

When downgrade from annual to monthly:

  • Show popup of IOS:
    You're all set Your purchase was successful. [Environment: Sandbox]
  • But right after that:
    has event OnPurchaseFailed: failureDescription.reason: DuplicateTransaction failureDescription.message: Duplicate transaction occurred and don't have event ProcessPurchase

When restart app, get receipt and validate with Apple server, i can see Apple recorded change plan to monthly pack success after annual pack expired.

It’s happen 100% first time downgrade

All subscribe i call same function: m_storeController?.InitiatePurchase(productID);

Do you have an experience on it ?

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I submitted to production, and when i downgrade, showed popup same in Sandbox mode, and there isn’t any callback called.
I’m finding a workaround way to pass this problem. Will let you know when i find a way.