Unity iOS licenses?

Hi guys, im alittle confused about unity licenses, would be nice if somebody could clarify.
And also development & testing on iOS devices.

What do the iOS licenses mean, exactly?
Is the $400 license just to allow for an iOS build? and the $1500 license allows a build from unity pro (which also costs $1500)?

If so, does that mean all development can be done with either unity or unity pro, on either a mac or windows, and then once completed, simply buy the license and make a iOS build? (Using a mac)

Also, without a iOS license is it still possible to test the game/app, Either virtually or physically?

Im a poor single indie developer, who wants to see if he can create a game/app that would work on an iphone/ipad.


You can make an iOS app with no license, but if you want to build it, you have to get a license. The 400$ license lets you build and sell your apps, but if you make more than 100,000$ in a year with it, then you have to buy the pro license. Without a license you cannot test your app, unless you do something like make your game playable with your mouse, and when you think you are ready you can get your license and then tweek the controls to be able to play using the iOS.

You can buy a license for iOS that is compatible with Unity Free, that is $400 for iOS, if you want android, it’s another 400. You can build the game with unity free, but please understand you can not test the iOS version until you have the license, it will not build to that platform without it, there are things you will probably not plan for until you can test on the mobile platforms. On the store page it does explain what you get with the pro versions of unity(which is required for pro versions of android and iOS) if you click [+]Read More next to the product.

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You can’t get a licence until you buy pro or a licence, what are you intending to make?

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