Unity iOS: mixing windows AND mac development

Hi! I plan to develop for the iPhone, using Unity iOS. I have both Windows PCs and Macs available. My question is - can I develop for the iPhone and 'build' the Xcode project on the Windows PC, and then copy the resulting Xcode project to a mac for final compilation/testing/publishing? Or is it the case that the windows version of Unity does not even have a build option targeting iOS?

The reason being that my PCs have significantly more hardware power and peripherals, so developing on the PC would be much more convenient in my case. Obviously for final publishing I would need the mac, but for most of the work I'd like to use the PC.

Is this doable? (I've seen people ask if they can just do everything in windows, and obviously they cant, cause you need a mac to build/run/publish the xcode project; my question is a bit different).

Many thanks!


You cannot; Xcode doesn't run on Windows, so you don't even get the option in the Windows version of Unity. The build process is actually fairly complicated, and Unity needs direct access to XCode to create an iOS build.

However, you can develop on Windows, and then eventually move to Mac. It might be too cumbersome to do more than once, as you'll have to copy the entire project over to Mac, load it up on Mac Unity, and build from there. For my next game, it was 90% developed on Windows, then I moved it to Mac to start the optimization for iOS devices.

Just keep in mind that as long as you are on PC you have no way to test one of the most important variables with iOS development: performance.

Have you tried using dropbox for your project files?