Unity ios share some text (link and/or pictures) on snapchat

Hi everybody !

I’m trying to make a button to share a link (and/or a picture) on snapchat. I’m currently using this plugin (GitHub - NicholasSheehan/Unity-Native-Sharing: A Unity plugin to open native sharing dialogs on iOS and Android, primarily for text and files) to make a native share button, but this time I need a button just for snapchat. And all my research have been useless, I can’t find any solutions.

Did someone have an idea a clues or any plugin to help ?

I have this plugin too ( Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making) but it doesn’t allowed snapchat sharing.

Snapchat has the most influential audience and as per stats teens make the game viral in no time and are found mostly on snapchat.

Unfortunately, Snapchat sharing has no official documentation for sharing through intents and sharing was not possible until they introduced snapkit sdk.

We have made a plugin on Asset Store which makes it easy yo use on Unity. It allows

  1. Login to Snapchat
  2. Get Bitmoji avatar
  3. Share picture with custom stickers
  4. Share video with custom stickers
  5. Get Snapchat display name and unique id linked to your app.

Have a look at Cross Platform Snapchat Kit for more details.

VB Team