Unity iOS - Wont compile in Xcode

For the past two days I have been trying to figure out how to run my app built in Unity - on my iPhone through XCode. I do have a developers license, but however - Xcode doesn’t seem to manage to build my application properly. What I mean by that is that it gets stuck on ‘Compiling 137 of 190’. I have also looked at numerous tutorials etc on how to build from Unity to Xcode - and I don’t seem to discover any misconceptions of mine.

While building I get many errors (yellow exclamation-mark) telling me that there’s lots of unused variables etc, but I am pretty sure that’s not the case. I have Xcode 7.0 and Unity 5.2.0. I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but I can mention that my Macbook is from the mid 2010, so I don’t have the best of RAM and specs, but I doubt this makes me unable to compile Xcode. Especially if it is rather small apps?

I have also set up a provisioning profile, a certificate and all that, so that’s pretty much done.
Here is a picture of the Log I have from Xcode:

Any help would be much appreciated!

Btw: I have compiled the code in Unity (C#), and I know there is no errors in the code. I don’t have any Unity Pro subscription, may that be the case? And to publish apps without a watermark, can I subscribe to regular Unity Pro, or do I need the Unity Pro iOS?

Sorry for all these questions, I am just very overwhelmed by all this confusion with both the Xcode aspect linked with to Unity, and all these settings and certificates etc.

I have the same problem… with even empty scene without any script.

Unity 4 was wonderful after updating to 5 its the worst think i did…

I have the same problem on two different macs. They get so far, then Xcode appears to get stuck. On my older mac mini, it’s 142 of 202, on my wife’s iMac it’s 174 or 202 source files.

I let it keep going. It took 2 1/2 hours to finish compiling on my 5 year old mac mini server, and 1 hour 40 minutes on a brand new iMac.

IL2CPP builds take an insanely long time to compile in Xcode 7.

If I do Mono2X scripting backend, it takes 3-4 minutes to compile, install and start running.