Unity Ipad aspect ratio issue


Recently I have been developing a 2d bingo game for iOS and on uploading my build for review it got rejected with error 2.10, saying it wasn’t compatible with ipad.

When I set my camera for iPad 4:3, the camera adjusts to it, but it cuts out the scene from the sides because of which the app is unusable on ipad and it got rejected. On iphone it works without any issue(16:9).

Please suggest some solution as I’m very tight with the deadlines. The app has to be live by 19th may 16. We have put in a lot of money on this app, if it doesn’t work everything goes down the drain.

Typically folks design their apps so that all important elements are on the screen no matter what the aspect ratio. With UI this is simple because the UI can be scaled with screen size. With other elements you must make the choice of designing it so that all important elements will fit in 4:3 or your code that generates positions must take into consideration the screen bounds.

Show us some images of the layout and your hierarchy and you will get more specific help.