Unity iPhone 1.7 download location

Hey all, By any chance do any of you know where I can download earlier versions of Unity? I'm trying to get Unity iPhone 1.7, since our studio didn't yet update to Unity3, and we need to reinstall a workstation mid-project.

I couldn't find a download location on the Unity site, and a google search didn't turn up much to help out...

I'm sending a mail to Unity's support team right now, but this is urgent to my boss, so I figured I'd try here as well in case the answer will come sooner here.

Unity answers search turned up these two pages: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/23066/where-do-i-find-unity-iphone http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/22823/where-can-i-download-unity-iphone-2-6-or-2-7

Now, I can't use our old 1.7 license to activate Unity3, since Unity3 is obviously a payed update. Plus, changing platforms to Unity3 mid-project would be a problem in our short timeframe to finish it. The second link is a download location for Unity 2.6.1 for PC and MAC, not the Unity iPhone version...