Unity Iphone 3.0 OpenFeint

Any good Tutorials of integration Unity iPhone with OpenFeint. OpenFeint support documentation is not quite useful and may be I missed from the first step. They said I import OpenFeint Package.. Initialise Application setting from the New OpenFeint Menu... Change the Player Build settings and click Build then they said " the Finder pop-up stating that OpenFeint support has been integrated" but I couldn't see that message and also I looked up my X Code project and none of the apple's script addition is added to my Xcode project... Is that not compatible with Unity 3.0?

You have to manually copy the OpenFeint folder (found from the bundle that you downloaded from OpenFeint website) to your xcode project.

The only problem with the instruction provided form OpenFeint is that Delete OpenFeint Package in the Unity Editor.

2 - Restart the COmputer 3- Do as the instruction and finally it works....