Unity iPhone activation keep looping to "Register iPhone Serial/Buy now" dialog

I have followed this answer : http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/205/manual-offline-activation-of-unity because I was getting the -37010 network error message.

I got the license file from the /manual web page, named "UnityLicense.ilf". So when I start Unity, and I am immediately prompted with a "Unity iPhone Authoring license required" message box. I select "Register iPhone Serial", which brings me to the Internet/Manual activation dialog. (I could select "Buy Now" but it goes to the store web front)

I select Manual -> Read License... -> select the UnityLicense.ilf" file.

The next window confirm that it worked with "* Authorized this system with a valid license file." but when I choose Finish, it goes back to the "Unity iPhone Authoring license required" message box. I tried to enter the license file again, but it always loop back to that window which prevent me from using the editor.

Any ideas?

The issue here is that the upgrade you opted for (indie license > pro license) does not include the iPhone add on.

The standard response you received from us is misleading and we are working on getting that resolved, in the meantime understand that Unity Pro does not include any form of iPhone add on and the discount offered was purely for the upgrade to Unity Pro.

I would contact support@unity.com for licensing issues, have had to do it a few times and they are always quick to resolve them. Good luck!

I have the same problem. This is ridiculous. I am going around in circles.

Same problem here.

And Im traying both ways, manual, and internet activation. Help =) Please