Unity Iphone AudioQueueAddPropertyListener problem

So when I go to build my project onto the iphone I get a linker error that reads:

ld: ldr 12-bit displacement out of range (4564 max +/-4096) in _AudioQueueAddPropertyListener$stub in _AudioQueueAddPropertyListener$stub from ...(project directory)

I think I've traced it back to the libiphone-lib.a that comes from the unity build. It's possible that it could be caused by my use of iOS 4.0, but I attempted it with 3.2 as well, and it still didn't work. I took all the audio files out of the app, but it didn't seem to work with that either, so I believe that is has to be some bug. Any suggestions?

In my project I solved the above issue by setting the property "iPhone OS Deployment target" to "iPhone OS 3.0" in Xcode project settings under Build tab, Deployment section.