Unity-iphone exits with status 1

This is the error message I get on xcode when I try to run my app. Why does this happen? I have tried to run the app on an ipod touch and an ipad and it gives me this same error every time I try to run it. The app will compile and install onto the devices, but when it tries to run on the device, the unity splash screen starts up, but after ten seconds the app crashes and I get on the xcode debugger screen "Unity-Iphone has exited with status 1". How can I fix this? I really want to test on my ipod? Thanks a lot for any help.

I figured it out. For some reason on the unity application it said I had application version 3.1.0f3 and when I opened up unity it said I had version 3.1.0f4. So xcode was getting confused and reported this error. I just re-downloaded unity and now it works just fine.