Unity iPhone is it worth it?

So, I want to get unity iPhone, but for that I need a mac.
So I want to know:

  1. Is ios publishing free?
  2. Is it worth it to buy a mac so I can use Unity iPhone?
  3. Is it easy to learn how to use Unity iPhone & its ios development?
  4. Where can I fined tutorials to help me with Unity iPhone?
  5. Which is better, Unity PC or Unity iPhone?
  1. No, it’s $400 for Unity iOS plus $99/year to Apple.

  2. Yes. Maybe. Depends.

  3. It’s Unity, with some iOS input classes.

  4. On the internet somewhere, I imagine.

  5. Yes.

+1 to what Eric said

If you have an existing game in Unity and want to easily port it to iOS with minor (if any) changes, then the iOS extension is very useful.

However, if all you want is to make a FPS that works on iOS, I’d suggest going with Unreal Engine. UDK Mobile has basically drag and drop first person shooter creation. Unreal’s graphics on iOS seem to look much better than Unity.

Update, due to comments below

Unreal UDK is free for development and educational use.
Unity iOS educational licenses with watermark starts at $199.

To release your first iOS game according to license terms, it’s $99 for UDK.
It’s $400 for Unity iOS Basic (splash screen advertises Unity, no plugin support).

Once you make over $50,000 from your game, UDK requires that you pay 25% royalty.
Once you make over $100,000 from your game, Unity requires that you purchase a pro license, starting at $1500 per platform. (I’ve spent $5000 for PC/Mac + Android + iOS)

Verdict: UDK pricing is more friendly to the indie budget, especially if you are an indie starting out. It is actually quite difficult to make over $50,000 as an indie making a game.

(Personal thought: UDK is making most money from the more successful one’s, while Unity is making money from indie deveopers who dream big.)