Unity Iphone "It is not possible to invoke an expression of type 'Object'.

I'm trying to rewrite all my code without using dynamic typing as I just installed Unity Iphone and need all of my scripts to exist without dynamic typing.

I am having a rough time converting everything as I am quite the amature at scripting, currently I'm having a hard time with the following lines (they are from a timer script I found on the wiki/forums):

         if (f_timer_done) { 

I get the following error:

"It is not possible to invoke an expression of type 'Object'."

. . . and it points to the second line above (the one with f_timer_done();)

How do I resolve this error?

Since it's not using dynamic typing, it's confused as to what type the object is

Your best bet will be to assign a function to it at the start, so it knows what sort of delegate it needs (e.g. add a function called Blank which takes no parameters and does nothing, then do var f_timer_done = Blank; )

That should hopefully kick it into gear

Edit to make it a little clearer:

var f_timer_done = Blank; //this variable should already be in your code at the top

function Blank()