Unity iPhone - OS 4.0 Update - Provisioning Profiles no longer working?

Hi all,

I updated my iPhone to the new OS 4.0 last night and today went to build my unity iPhone game/app and everything built ok, but the message I got at the end was "No provisioned iPhone OS device is connected". Looking at the Xcode organiser, it shows my connected device with an amber icon next to it, and all my provisioning profiles show up as "Installed" but also with an amber icon.

Is there something I need to do to make the existing provisioning profiles work since updating to OS 4.0?



If you're not using the iOS4 SDK you won't be able to use your device with iOS4 installed on it for debug/release builds. You can still make an ad hoc build and install it through iTunes, though.

I just received an email from Apple that new apps or updates will require them to be built with the iPhone SDK 4.0. Unity iPhone 1.7 is not built for 4.0 sdk. If you still build it, it says Unity iphone was built for armv 7 architecture and the one on my device (updated to iOS 4.0) has armv 6.

How are you supposed to build games with Unity iPhone 1.7 that will be approved for the App Store any more???

Can someone please answer this question?? How are we supposed to build games for the iPhone with Unity if Apple will no longer accept them??

I have a developer license. I’ve used it to build apps using adobe air. I own Unity Pro, and just downloaded Unity 3.5 demo which seems to be able to build to IOS by itself? Is that correct?

Anyway, when I try to build to IOS, it says:

error building Player: Exception: iPhoneBundleIdentifier has not been set up.

I assume it wants my provisioning file and all that but I can’t google find anything telling me how to set that up in Unity.

If possible I’d like to do it without xCode, it’s a huge download and I don;t want to work in xCode, I want to work in Unity.