Unity iPhone Tutorial?

I'm just starting out with Unity iPhone and was wondering if there was a 2D tutorial specifically for iPhone anywhere? I'm looking to build a simple 2D platforming game and I really don't know where to start. I've seen the Platformer tutorial for standard unity and that looks really good but it's obviously not touch controls etc.

Thanks in advance!

There's the iphone tutorials section:


Penelope 3D iphone game:


iPhone multiplayer:


But for a very start I'd look at the iPhone standard assets package for some basic iPhone controls set ups to get you into grips with the input controls on the iPhone. The dual joystick and tilt controls being of particular interest.



Mika Mobile go into a bit of detail on how they made OMG! Pirates and Zombiville which are 2 of the best 2D games on the iPhone.

Using a camera with a very small FOV placed really far away gives you almost orthographic view but with a bit of parallax with the back ground / foreground elements.

The characters are done with animated planes and texture swapping. It's clever stuff.