Unity is not Showing .FBX Materials?


when i import .FBX file unity can not disply it?

and yes i try the Refresh but still

her is the .FBX files
alt text

and Her is .FBX Materials folder
alt text

unity displaying only 2 Materials where are the Other?

alt text

I’m responsible for implementation of 3d asset import and it’s something that I haven’t seen before. Do you have any significant errors in the console?

Please submit a bug with your project and update your question with the case number.

When I use C4d stuff like this can happen for a number of reasons. Here’s some stuff you could try:

Instead of exporting as .FBX save your project into the assets folder since Unity will automatically create an .FBX for you.

Make sure all your materials have unique names.

If you have used any textures in your modelling software make sure they are the correct extension. Sometimes macs don’t need .jpg written after the image and will still work but this wont work in Unity.

Make sure you aren’t doing anything with the materials that Unity does not understand or it may not export.

These are just some problems i have encountered and I only use C4D for modelling but it’s all worth a try/check.