Unity is not using my GPU properly

I was looking at the stats of my game while running, and i saw it said '19-24 MB of 256 MB. This is odd, as my computer has 1GB of VRAM, not 256MB. Is there some kind of limiter in unity? EDIT: soz.. i meant in the editor


Have a read of this article relating to video memory, specifically the "The Growth of VRAM" section.

"Therefore, video card manufacturers typically implement a 256 MB physical memory window for the video graphics memory, and modern drivers do not create direct process mappings for the entire VRAM size. Process address space is still consumed for working with the AGP aperture (64 MB, 128 MB, or more typically on modern game systems 256 MB in size). While PCIe uses a dynamic aperture, it too is mapped into each process that uses Direct3D."

What is happening is that due to unity using Dx9 there is only a maximum of 256mb of memory able to be addressed. This is not to say that there isn't more memory 'used' it's just that you don't have direct access to it.