Unity is unable to strip assemblies

Hello friends,

I am making a C# library which is intended for some purpose for example you can assume that it is a plugin. When I compile it builds successfully in MonoDvelop and I use release scheme so that it is a release build.

Of course, it is giving me a dll file which I can use as a third party library.

When I use it in my Unity project it complies successfully.

Coming to the problem

When I build the project on a platform iOS and Android it is not able to build because of assembly stripping issue as many of them have come across.

I followed the steps to create dlls as in Unity DLL Manual. What is the problem? I why I am asking this question is I have many plugins which will have their DLLs in them. They work perfectly fine even if I use Stripping level to : Use micro mscorlib.

Please let me know whether I am wrong. Is there any procedure apart from that mentioned in the link.

I need help from you all.

Does your build work if you disable stripping?

If your DLL uses System or System.Xml, you cannot use micro mscorlib. You must use Strip assemblies or Strip ByteCode.

If your DLL uses Reflection, you must set up a link.xml file and put it in the root Assets folder. Otherwise your code will be stripped out. See Optimizing the Size of the iOS Player for information about link.xml.