Unity isn't baking the Lightmaps

I have a fairly large scene with terrain and trees and couple of meshes. I am runnning on Unity Pro’s 1 month’s licence. I am having a really hard time to bake my lightmaps. Beast goes through the whole process of creating and baking lightmaps… But I really dont see any lightmaps folder in the assests directory nor do I see any lightmaps in the window.
It is been really tiresome process, as I went through all the points mentioned in the earlier answers forum - Like 1. Making the meshes static. 2. Checking the light and shadows. 3.Checking the UV’s .all are set accordingly. but I can hardly see any maps. But when I tested on a new scene. just with a plane and couple of basic meshes, Beast generates lightmaps without any issues. I really dont understand where I am going wrong. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


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So, as I said before if you bake using a scale in lightmap of 1 it’s 1 mesh = 1 lightmap textures. In your case it’s probably this the problem.

There is no magical solution, you must set the scale for every meshes in your scene. After, you can do as I do in all my scene (when it’s possible) I regroup all my meshes in one prefab which represents a level of background.

You can after this, select all the renderers of your prefab (so all your mesh and define a particular scale in lightmap for those ones.) But the better thing to do is probably one by one. Cause little meshes don’t need the same scale in lightmap 0.00??? can be enough even less too.

For example this is one of my project :

This scene is defined only in 2 lightmaps with a scale in lightmap for every meshes of 0.005 and with a texel / world units of 100 and the result is pretty good (don’t have screen ready but if you want to see one of them I can show you ;D ).

In your case, if the game is a race game, you can define the scale to 0.01 or higher but it’s can be maybe to high and for all others meshes far from the road defines the scale to 0.00??? with a texel / world units to 10 or less cause the player never see them closed.

If you used terrain, you can define their resolution in the Object tab so don’t hesitate to increase it to 2048. If your scene is not for game but just to render some graphical things don’t hesitate to define the lightmaps resolution for terrains to 2048 or higher.

If you don’t understand something (sorry for my english :D) don’t hesitate to ask more details again and again :wink:

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