Unity Kinect v2 DLL Not Found Exception


I am currently following this tutorial to integrate some gestures I built using Microsoft Visual Gesture Builder with Unity

I have written down the same scripts as mentioned in the post but I am getting DLLNotFoundException for KinectUnityAddin plugin. However the plugin exists in the Assets/Plugins folder as in the image below


Here is the error I am getting on the existing KinectSensor Script.

I have put all the plugins under Assets/Plugins folder but still it throws this error. Could someone know what’s wrong?

Here is the Solution:

1> Go to Build Settings> Select the Windows Platform Remember with x86_64 Architecture in that target platform.

2> Graphics API should be DirectD3D11 So instead of Auto Graphics just untick it and you should get DirectD3D11 as its first Option.

3> Go to Assets/Plugins/Metro and select your plugin. Settings should be ticket on any platform, then stand alone and at the bottom of the Plugin x86 and x86_x64 should be ticked.

4> There would be other folders such as x86 and x86x64 . Just disable those plugins or delete it from that folder and recycle bin(after taking a backup).

5>Dont forget to Restart unity. It should work. You might not be able to play first time. just play pause and repeat 2 times. It works for sure.

Let me know if you face any further issues:

You need to install the Kinect SDK setup.

Did you solve the problem? I have the same error and I can’t fix it. Help! XD

still facing the problem here, any help

Same issue here … in 2018