Unity launcher multiple windows opening


I have a problem with the Unity launcher I guess (I use Unity 4.3.4f1). I tried to reinstall Unity but it didn’t change anything. When I launch Unity, there are few identical windows opening. When I close one, all the others close by themselves. And what’s very strange is that when I re-launch Unity after closing the windows, there are the same number of windows plus one. Each time it adds one window.

I hope you can help me… Thank you by advance.


You might try Windows->Layouts->Default and see if that fixes it.

Oh, while trying to test Wolfram’s solution, I change my workspace location. I saved my workspace’s projects before reinstalling Unity and when I resintall it it tried to something strange about my project. So I re-define my workspace location and suddenly it works again !
Maybe Unity found some hint of an old project so he tried to recover it.

Anyway, thank you all ! My problem is solved.


PS : How to set my question as solved ?