Unity Learn - cannot watch videos

On learn.unity.com i cannot watch any videos.
In front of the video is this error message:
The media could not be loaded, either because the server or the network failed or because the format is not supported.

I am on Windows, Chrome.

There are currently no known issues with the website, as far as I can see.
Alternatively, you can go onto the Official Unity Youtube page to get the videos you are looking for, as that is where they are being pulled from.

Videos were not working on Chrome on Mac OS. Switched to Safari and it worked.,Videos were not working for me on Mac OS Chrome. Then I tried Safari and it worked.

Use Firefox :wink:

I’ve tried every browser under the sun and I’m getting the same error ugh. Yesterday it was all working fine and I can’t figure out what changed

Some of the Unity Learn Videos are not on Youtube, because they are from Pluralsight or other Companies. It is not possible on any Browser to watch these Videos on Unity Learn at the Moment. Please check for example unity Learn Game Loop


I had the same problem.
Here is the solution that worked.

-Open Chrome using command prompt in administrator mode.
-Type in the following command.
-“Start chrome --user-data-dir=“C:/Chrome dev session” --disable-web-security”

Now try loading the unity learn video from this chrome browser that opens. It should work.