unity learning sources and how

i’ve learned the basics of unity(data types,variables,functions,collision,rigidbodies,loops,scene management and some other basic stuff) so now i’m lost, i don’t even now what do i have to learn and practice so plz can anyone guide me and help me?and plz tell me about some free sources(free) that can help me to learn more and more about unity.
Note: i create my first 2 little games on unity.

I think I would recommend you Brackeys’ tutorial which are really well made with a lot of content. They are about many different concepts that you can learn this way and then go deeper if you want to develop your knowledge in it : https://www.youtube.com/user/Brackeys/

A really good thing to do would be to look at the unity API documentation here

Also, as you now know the basic stuff, you may find a little project to create, which doesn’t look to complex but that you don’t know already which concepts to use to create. I’m thinking for example about coroutines which can --really simplified-- allow you to repeat actions when you want to do something special, or call a function each x seconds.

Just find a little project and try to solve the problems it will give to you, that’s the best practicing you can have in my opinion.