Unity level blurry in the background

'm covering unity in one of my classes, and one of my students has made an environment and is having some issues with blurring. As you can see from the attachment:

  1. the walls are made of the exact same material (duplicated and moved) yet the panels look like different colors. i even put a white stripe in the center, but the shades change. it happens with or without lights.

  2. the floor tile image is clear until it goes back in distance, then becomes blurry? does this have to do with LOD? we are using the free version so is there any way to fix this?

  3. the bottom stripe of the wall becomes really blurry farther back. Can we somehow fix it so the resolution stays even farther back?

If you have a character in the level, move it closer to the area. if it gets clearer, its a rendering thing. If not, try importing the images as GUI or something.

Thank you for your snswers