Unity Library/cache is 24 TB

The size of my Unity Library/cache is 24.1 TB. Several of the folders (that show up as empty) are listed as being hundreds of GB. When I try to zip up my file, it says something about their being a duplicate file in Library/cache/09, something like ffffffff.fff. I’m really confused and need to zip up this project. Can someone offer some assistance?

I think you may be able to discard the entire Library folder. I think Unity just uses it as a cache and stuff, and will rebuild it when you launch the editor. I wouldn’t delete the folder without testing that theory first, but 24 TB is … very large.

Did it finish rebuilding the cache after you delete the folder yet? I’m not sure if 8 years if enought time to rebuild 24TB of cache. :smiley: @AxeloftheKey