Unity licencing between pro and free

Sorry, I know this has been asked before but I’m confused as to how UT would enforce these.

Here is an example situation: A group of students who just finished their course wants to get together as a small indie studio and start building games using pro features. One team member (probably the coder) buys unity pro, so that he can create features using dynamic shadows and rendertextures. The other team members (like the level designer and animators) don’t need these and only need unity free to put their work together for the coder, these members would probably just package their work for the coder to import into his copy of the game to build in unity pro.

As far as I know, there is nothing stopping us from doing something like this, however it does seem to be in breach of the EULA.
And no, we have not done anything like this (we’re all still working on free licences).

Edit: Also, how does this affect terms when someone with Pro gets a package from the asset store that was created in Free? Wouldn’t that technically be breaching EULA?

Sorry, this seems to be a question for lawyers, hehe.

From the Unity FAQ:

Can our company use free/basic and Pro licenses at the same time?

Sorry, such license mixing in the same company is forbidden. You may not, for example, use 9 free Unity licenses for development and a single Unity Pro license to publish the final game. You will need a Pro license for each team member.