Unity License Error - "Trial License" message always present.

I am finally able to debug a Win 8 project. But now, the “Trial License” message is bugging me.

Because my two licenses were already used in two mac computers, this Windows Unity was unlocked initially with the 30 days Pro version.

Unity reset my registration and I was able to use one within this Windows version. Now, if I compile a regular desktop build, the full license is applied (no “Trial License” message), but when compiling the Win8 build the message is still there.

What is going on? How can I get rid of the “Trial License” message?

The "Trial License" is out now.

But replacing it is the "Development Build" message.

Does it go when the project is build for release within Visual Studio?

I believe it will go away when you are doing a release build - have you tried it yet? Change it and see what happens.


It will go away if you build using "master" configuration in Visual Studio.

Yes it goes away on the release build. Thanks!