Unity License, for how long?

I would like to ask, how long is Unity3d lisence valid for? (Is it like CORONA SDK License, where i need to re-new license every year, if I want to use it still, or is it like FLASH PRO, where i buy it, and it is Immortal?)

I would like to buy FREE + iOS (400$).

For how long will it be valid?

It’s a permanent license, but it’s only valid for the (current main) version of Unity you bought it for. Let’s say you buy a license for Unity 4, your license will be valid up until Unity 4.9999, but if Unity releases Unity 5, you will need to buy a new license.

In short: you’re not limited by time, but by version.

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I’m not sure about the mobile versions but I know with pro you don’t have to pay full price when the next Unity version comes out.