Unity License

Do you have to have unity pro to sell a game made it in unity. If I where to buy android non pro am I allowed to sell the products created in it. I will be just a small family business with no more then one person working.

You can sell games with any Unity license, except trial and student licenses.

Unity Plus allows you to put personal splashscreen and to have more advanced realtime errors. You also have access to cloud build and Unity Teams. Unity Teams allows you to collaborate on your projects. Cloud build is sort of like Git, it allows you to push your changes to the cloud and other team members can pull it. Another thing you get is the dark mode and Unity Learn Premium. Unity Pro adds on to that with better multiplayer builds. Also, your revenue can go above $100,000 with Unity Pro. They both also give you an free essentials pack for getting started with some good assets and shaders. Even if you have the Unity Free Edition, then you still get all Engine features. I hope that cleared your thoughts on the Unity Editor differences!