Unity light effect

Hi. I have a simple question. I have a sci-fi model of a character in Unity, and you know all the cool character have these cool lights in their suits :). I want something like the light the iron man have on his chest or hands (http://www.filmnet.dk/UserFiles/image/Zejn%20Ljuti/Nyheder/ironman1.jpg) I have tried particle effect, but when you run, it just leave these trails of particles, and I dont want that. How to make that effect?

well, theres this button on the particle renderer or emitter (cant remember which)

but anyway, is called "simulate in world space" and all you have to do is uncheck this box, but only if you have that light thing the way you like it.

if not, then play around with the particle emitter/animator/renderer settings until you have what you want.

good luck!

Well if it is a light shaft you want emitting you could use overlapping planes to generate a similar effect.

there is this generator and it can be tweaked completely to fit your needs.

The most simple way to do that:

  1. Make the empty gameobject and drag it on the your character object to make it children of this character.
  2. Add the “Light” component to this empty object.
  3. Now choose the position of the empty gameobject with the light component.

You can choose some options in the light component if you need it.