Unity Maps First Time.

So there is a game that is a fps multiplayer, and it asks for maps that it can download and use in game.

So my question is how do I make a map? Like a simple map but I need a video tutorial to help.

Edit : I mean like a level like on CS Portable… he makes his own maps like Simpsons house.

How can I do that but with a different type of building etc.

Basically what you need is a 3D Modelling Tool. Like Blender, Cheetha3D, 3DSMax, Maya, or others.

I personally prefer Blender, it is free and relatively easy to learn, but still very powerfull (some tutorials and you can do quite a lot).

You can build houses, walls, streets etc as Models and import them to unity, where you create the scene.

After all, this is a complex topic, if you want it real nice you need different types of textures etc. etc.

You will need video tutoials and I like http://cgcookie.com/blender/ CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Help - CG Cookie | Learn Blender, Online Tutorials and Feedback but there are a lot more on youtube or elsewhere.