Unity Master Server Up/Down Status

Does Unity have a page anywhere that displays if the Master Server is up or down? Also, possibly explains if it is down for routine maintenance or there is a problem that is being sorted out?

Every once in a while people are unable to connect, spend lots of time trying to debug their program, and come to the conclusion that the Master Server is down after seeing people ask if it’s down in forums - they usually find out that it is down from other people saying that they are having the same problem. And then they just hope that it will only be a couple of days.

If something like this doesn’t exist it would be extremely beneficial to the Unity Community for a status page to be added or even just simply added to the Master Server Page. This would save people time and would stop posts from clogging up the forums.

If something like this already exists please point me to it. Thanks!

Unity has a status page for all of their current online services which can be found here: