Unity - Material/Texture Tilling - How to create multiple?


My problem is that, i’ve got a large map - with tons of different sized 3d objects, ramp/stairs/cubes in all kind of size and shape, etc. I want to add the same material example to the places where the player walks, but of course - with different tiling, because the objects aren’t at the same size/shape. Example: If i set a specified tiling on “Ground01” ( 1:3 ) - then i want to set 2:5 for Ground02 - then, the tiling will be applied to Ground01 object too. Why is it feels like “global tiling” ? - Is there any way to separate these tilling for each object? Or should i crate a hundred of new materials for each object which is different in tilling, to complete what i want? It feels not logical. Thanks for your answer, hope you can help me somehow!


Ok, there is a simple method to resolve your problem.

Put an instance of material to your different render. And then you can set via code and it’s work like you want.

You must set material and parameter dynamicly !