Unity maximum memory?

I’m trying to figure out what the theoretical limits are for memory use in Unity. We’re trying to use Unity for data visualization and are going to be loading in large (~500M) model output binaries. Does unity support 64 bit memory allocation (i.e. beyond the normal 2G limit) when running on a 64 bit machine? What about the webplayer - are there any imposed limitations or does Unity have access to as much memory as the browser it’s running in?

Sorry if this is already answered somewhere - I checked here, the forums, and Google and couldn’t find anything.

I’m pretty sure 64-bit is not fully supported, it’s still high on the wishlist where you can vote for it at feedback.unity3d.com. You might just have to manage your memory ‘manually’ until it is supported. But it appears there is some support, see Unity 3.4 web player for 64-bit Windows | Unity Blog