Unity + Maya. no textures coming through

Hello, I am trying to import artwork into my group-game and I am having troubles. First off, when I import the .mb files into unity and look at them in the game, the textures are gone. It generated a Materials folder, but the textures in there are all grey. Is there an easy way to make this work?

Also, I wanted to import this animated grass that my group member made but cannot. It looks he created it by painting the grassClump.mel effect and exporting it as .mb file. In unity it shows up as nothing, like if you would create an empty object.

Any help would be appreciated!


you have to manually add the textures which is just a case of dragging the texture onto the appropriate section visible in the inspector when you click on the object. you may have to import the maya texture folder to your project which will make it easier than importing each asset individually.

not sure about the grass but i'm guessing unity doesn't support expressions or effects just yet. sure someone can give you a better answer though...