Unity Mediation Missing from Services menu.

I’m trying to get ads in my game and imported the Unity mediation package, the documentation and some tutorials I follow show that the mediation settings are located at project settings > services > mediation, but in my editor mediation doesn’t show up.


This is how it’s supposed to look like.

But I only get Version Control and no Mediation option.

Has anyone ran into this issue and solved it?

What version of unity are you using? That package might not work correctly on previous versions so try updating your unity editor version and see if the problem solves.

Turns out I installed Ads Mediation and not Advertisement with mediation which is the correct package but for some reason it didn’t appear on the package list so I had to add it by name. In case anyone runs into the issue to add it on package manager click the plus icon select add package by name and paste: com.unity.services.mediation, click add and it should be added to the project.202974-instruction1.png



thank you, only way I could get this to work was by using this workaround